Kraft Announces New Mother’s Day Free Childcare Promotion

This Mother’s Day, make sure you don’t forget Kraft.  The company behind the immensely successful sliced and individually-wrapped American cheese singles announced, this week, it would like to pay your childcare costs, this year.  

Indeed, Kraft will cover childcare costs, on Mother’s Day, for up to $100 per household.  Parents must book childcare for Mother’s Day now and then upload the receipt to Kraft’s “Mother’s Day Away” website.  You must also provide a brief description regarding why you might need a little time away this year.  It could earn you a reimbursement of, yes, up to $100.

Head of Marketing for Kraft, Sergio Eleuterio explains, “Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate Mom in all of her greatness, but we know the holiday doesn’t stop the challenges of motherhood — temper tantrums, sleepless nights and picky eaters. With Kraft ‘Mother’s Day Away’ we are giving moms across the country the chance to have what they secretly really want: some time for themselves.”

Of course, it should be noted that this childcare reimbursement is not without some caveats.  For one, parents or legal guardians (so not just “mothers,” traditionally) must submit these receipts by May 19.  Furthermore, submissions are limited to one per person (or email address or household): pretty standard fare.  Also, Kraft has capped the spending for this promotion at $50,000, so it is kind of a first-come-first-served program and will only be awarded to no more than 500 mothers across the United States.

Unconventional promotions like this are actually nothing new to Kraft.  If you recall, earlier this year the company announced a giveaway for free groceries to government workers during the government shutdown. This was a free pop-up store the company called “Kraft Now Pay Later”. And then, about one year ago, Kraft defended that its Country Time Lemonade unit will pay any fines in relation children-run lemonade stands getting shut down over permit violations. 

At the end of the day, though, we have to take a step back to look at the company as a whole; and if we do this we can see that Kraft needs some good press right now. The company currently has two subpoenas in relation to its proprietary procurement practices.  Also, the company’s stock has fallen 20 percent this year.