You Can Now Get Info on EV Charging Stations in Google Maps

It has been about a year since Google first teased at the feature, but the tech giant has just announced the official rollout of a new Maps function that will make it easier to find charging stations for electric vehicles.  In an official blog post, Google explains that anyone with a desktop computer or an iOS, Android, or Android Auto-enabled device only needs to search for “ev charging stations” to find updated information on the status of the closest charging stations. 

The charging points, which are only available in the United States and the United Kingdom, are provided by Chargemaster, EVgo, and SemaConnect, with a plan to add ChargePoint charging stations in the near future. 

Not only will Google Maps tell locate these ports for you, but the app will also give you an indicator regarding the number of charging points that are currently available.  This is an important addition, of course, because it is not always enough to simply know where to find a charging station: it can be frustrating to make the trip to a charge point only to find that there are no chargers available. 

In addition, Google Maps will also provide you with other helpful information.  For one, you will learn where close-by EV charge stations are located, of course, but you could also get information on charging speeds.  Most people would prefer the fastest charge, for sure, but sometimes you do not have the time to wait for a slower charger.  Of course, this is still Google Maps so you will also be able to see other listing that you might already be used to, like information about any station in particular, provided by other drivers, and including things like ratings, reviews, questions, and even photos. You could even get information on wattage and pricing. 

It might be important to note that Tesla Superchargers are not included, at least right now, in the real-time charging information. They were, however, included in Google’s original announcement, back in October, and you can find them listed in the app.  It is not yet clear why this is so, but it would be premature to ignore the change.